Weirdest Phobias

Weirdest Phobias

Almost everybody has some form of fear. Most of the fears are unreasonable; maximum people cope with those weirdest fears while others fail to come out from that delusion. Some people are afraid of certain situations. Some of them are afraid of crowded or closed places, heights or strangers, or even water or open places. This is an abnormality termed as ‘Phobia’ by the doctors. There are many Weirdest Phobias that are linked to Psychological Disorders.

Causes of Phobia


The cause of a phobia is still yet unknown. But it is found that it might be linked to genetics. You are more likely to develop any phobia if your family member is dealing with a phobia. Some people also develop a phobia from a specific emotional disorder or caused by any traumatic events.

Fear of high places ( tall buildings or mountain tops) is called ‘acrophobia,’ while that of large, open space is called ‘agoraphobia.’ The fear of water is called ‘ hydrophobia.’ Similarly, fears associated with dirt, darkness, and animals are known as mysophobia, nyctophobia, and zoophobia, respectively. Those who have fears of crowds and strangers have ochlophobia and xenophobia, respectively.

Weirdest Phobias


Most of the phobias like acrophobia, nyctophobia etc. are common. But there are many Weirdest Phobias you might never hear of it.

Here are some of the Weirdest Phobias.



Fear of Cheese. Some people cannot tolerate cheese and they tend to develop this phobia.





 Fear of work or the workplace. These people always feel afraid of public speaking, and then there is a constant unnecessary anxiety of failing at tasks.



 Fear of hair. These people tend to believe that hair is dirty, hence tries to stay away from hair be it with people with hair or hair lying on any object.  



 Fear of the navel. These people tend to freak out if they see someone’s navel.



 Fear of falling asleep. These people face extreme anxieties while going to bed. Can be the reason due to unpleasant nightmares.



Fear of opinions. These people are afraid of listening to other peoples opinions.



 Fear of being without your mobile or fear of being without a phone with charge. This phobia is prevalent among the younger generation. This phobia is also called “No Phone” phobia.


No Phone



Fear of sitting down. These people dislike sitting. This phobia is mainly found in older people and children.



Fear of the sun. These people develop this phobia by becoming too much concerned about getting skin cancer, wrinkles or sunburn.



 Fear of young people. This phobia is especially found in older people who tend to avoid younger kids.



 Fear of hearing good news. These people thrive in a hostile environment and develop this phobia in hearing good news.



Fear of house environment. They tend to be in a panic on certain items in a house; it can be the ceiling fan or the refrigerator.



 Fear of swallowing. Most people who have this phobia because they continuously fear of getting chock.





Fear of Making decisions. These people tend to fear on every minor decision like what colour to wear, what to eat for breakfast etc.



 Fear of rain. This phobia is more common in children than in adults.





Fear of no 13. These people also tend to have a general fear of numbers and especially of the number thirteen. This phobia develops due to superstition or myths. 





Fear of bathing. These people tend to fear in cleaning and washing. This phobia is profound among kids than in adults.





Fear of mirrors. These people suffer from mirror related anxieties.



 Fear of phobias. These people fear of having any phobia; they panic at any time in fear of developing any phobia.




These are a few of the Weirdest Phobias.

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