The Water Therapy concept is totally linked to water. We are mostly made up of water. Water is indeed important to all life. In all organisms, 90% of their body weight comes from water. Up to 60% of the human adult body is water and 78% for newborn babies. The brain and even the heart which is mostly made up of muscles consist of 73% water and the lungs have about 83% water. Our skin is also made up of 64% water, muscle, and kidney 79%, and our bones contain 31% water. We must consume water daily, the consumption of water varies according to age,  gender, and geography (where someone lives).
Generally, a male adult requires 3liters of water per day, while an adult female requires 2.2 liters a day, these numbers may vary as some of this water is contained in the food we eat. Here we are going to discuss the therapeutic benefits of water known as Water Therapy.

Functions Of Water

It regulates our body temperature

Our body loses water through sweat during physical activities and in a hot environment. Our sweat keeps our bodies cool and regulates our body temperature. So to keep our body hydrated we must drink plenty of water.

Forms Saliva

Water is the main component of saliva. Saliva contains small amounts of electrolytes, mucus and an enzyme called amylase(breaks down starch into simple sugar). Generally, our body produces enough saliva with a daily intake of fluid.

Excretory system

Our body uses water to sweat, urinate, and have bowel movements. Sweat excreted by our body through sweat glands, regulates our body temperature. Water is also needed by our kidneys to work properly to flush out toxins by urination. It is also required for a proper bowel movement. Insufficient water may make you constipated.

Lubricates the Joint

Water consumption helps to lubricate and cushion our joints, spinal cord, and tissue, hence maximizing our physical performance.

Improves blood oxygen circulation

Water carries essential nutrients and oxygen to the entire body.

Boosts Energy

Water activates our metabolism. Drinking plenty of water maintains your gut by boosting metabolism and which has been associated with a positive impact on energy levels.

Nutrient Absorption

It helps with food breakdown, also helps to dissolve fats, vitamins, and essential nutrients from our food.

Water Therapy


In all Rituals be it Ayurveda or Japanese all ancient culture promotes the importance of water consumption to cure various ailments and to lose weight.

As soon as you wake up in the morning on an empty stomach drink at least four to four glasses of water, water should be consumed at room temperature, best would be lukewarm. You can also add some lemon juice to it for enhancing its beneficial abilities.
After drinking an ample amount of water, avoid eating anything for at least an hour. To intensify the effects of this therapy try to eat only fruits and vegetables at the first meal.
If you can’t gulp all four glasses of water in one go, wait between the glass for a few minutes.
If you want to cure diseases and say fit using this therapy, then try to make it a part of your daily routine.

 Important Points

  • Do not eat and drink while you are standing, as it may hinder the process of digestion.
  • Chew your food properly, many Studies relating to chewing have been done and it is found that chewing for at least 32 times is found to be an average number applied to most bites of food. Chewing reduces stress on the esophagus by breaking the food at an early stage and as a result, helps the stomach metabolize your food.
  •  Walk quickly for at least an hour every day can help you to fasten your metabolism.

Benefits of Water Therapy

Metabolism Booster

Water therapy can boost your metabolism by up to 25% which in return helps you to lose weight.

Colon Cleanser

Consuming an ample amount of water first thing in the morning gives your colon a chance to eliminate toxins by mobilizing proper bowel movement.

Skin Cleaner

As the toxins are eliminated from the body, your skin and hair will acquire a glow


Studies have shown that with the help of water therapy one can prevent and even treat rheumatoid arthritis, and other issues like headaches and migraines.


Takeaway: So from now on don’t just drink water when you are thirsty but start drinking water more smartly and healthily to get the optimum benefits known as Water Therapy.


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