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Loss of hair is becoming a concern for every individual these days. Everybody is looking for a Cure for Hair Loss.

Hair loss is an abnormal reduction in the numbers of hair from parts of the head or body. Hair Loss also is known as Alopecia or Baldness. Normally baldness is visible on the scalp, but it can happen anywhere on the body where hair grows. Hair fall is a normal thing in an individual, average hair loss is about 100 strands a day.
Before knowing about hair loss we need to know the Hair follicle life cycle.

Hair follicle life cycle

Hair growth happens in 4 phases Anagen, Catagen, Telogen, Early Anagen.

  • When hair grows from the root its called Anagen
  • Once the hair has completely grown, its roots start to deteriorate, which falls in the Catagen phase
  • When the hair has completely detached from the root and moves outward is called the Telogen phase
  • After the hair fall, the root of the hair becomes empty, a new hair starts growing in that empty space, this is an Early Anagen phase

The entire cycle will take place over 30 days.

Difference between Hair Loss and Hair Thinning


After combing your hair, if you take a look at your hairbrush the hair strands should be approximately the length of your hair and have a tiny white bulb at the end which indicates hair was at its normal shedding stage means after the Telogen phase. When the hair comes throughout the day that is when you need to concern, this could significantly impact the quality of hair.


When there is a decrease in hair mass, which means minor to moderate hair loss which does not lead to baldness it is referred to as Thinning of Hair. Hair Thinning also called  “Telogen Effluvium” is a scalp disorder.


Male Pattern Hair Loss

This type of hair loss primarily affects the top and front of the scalp. Male Pattern Hair Loss (MPHL) hairline begins to recede.

Female Pattern Hair Loss

This pattern also affects the top and front of the scalp, but in female patterns, hair loss (FPHL) occurs due to thinning of hair.


Even termed as Spot Baldness, is a condition where the hair is lost in some or all areas of the body it results in a bald spot in the scalp.

Causes Of Hair Loss

Causes Of Hair Loss


Family History(Heredity)

Genetics plays a major role when it comes to hair loss. The most common cause of hair loss is due to hereditary. Lossing of your hair cause by Genetic reasons is referred to as Androgenetic Alopecia. The gene can be inherited either from your mother or father, it occurs gradually with ageing.


The rate of hair growth tends to slow as we age. Hair strands become thinner, grey, and less pigmented.


Taking too much stress can shock the hair cycle which leads to sudden hair loss

Nutritional Deficiency

Lack of essential nutrients (such as iron, copper, zinc, and protein) in the diet can lead to hair loss. The deficiency of vitamin D, vitamin B and too much vitamin A can trigger hair loss.

Environmental Factor

External environmental factors such as pollution, dyeing hair, and using the wrong product can  be the reason for hair loss

Hormonal Imbalance

Women above the age of 30 can experience hormonal imbalance which can cause hair loss. This is usually caused by excessive dihydrotestosterone conversion. Women are more prone to hair loss during pregnancy. During pregnancy hormonal changes take place in their body causing hair loss, the same can happen during switching or going off birth control pills.

Medication and Supplement

Side effects of a certain drug such as those used for cancer, heart problem, steroids can cause hair loss.

Thyroid Issues

When the thyroid gland produces an excess or insufficient amount of thyroid hormone then the hair cycle may change leading to hair loss.

Hair Loss Prevention Tips


Cure For Hair Loss


Cleaning your scalp by regular hair washing is a part of preventing hair loss. It’s extremely important to know your scalp type and choose the right shampoo.

Vitamins for Hair Loss

Vitamins are not only healthy for your entire body but also good for your hair. Vitamin E has its own natural antioxidant, which assists better blood circulation in the scalp maintaining hair growth. Vitamin A encourages the healthy production of sebum which nourishes and protects the hair. Vitamin B helps your hair to keep its colour intact and healthy.


Conditioner keeps our hair smooth, it contains amino acids that help to repair damaged hair. Reduces tangling of hair.

 Diet and Exercise 

You need to feed all the right nutrients to your hair, especially protein and iron. Eating lean meat, soya, milk or other protein-rich foods can promote hair health. Regular exercising and doing yoga can relieve you from stress, in return prevents hair loss.


Oiling your scalp with oil improves blood circulation and nourishes the hair root helps your hair follicle remain active. Those who are experiencing hair loss must massage their hair with oil regularly.

Avoid Pollution 

Hair acts as a filter where the dust pollutant gets attracted as a result dirt gets accumulated in the scalp leading to hair loss

Avoid Constant Heating, Drying and  Chemical Treatments

Hair treatments such as hair straightening, perming, and colouring can damage your hair. Applying heat tends to weaken the protein of the hair and constant heating and drying can lead to weakness and fragility leading to hair loss. Using too much chemical for dyeing and colouring can prove harmful for your hair in the long run.

Avoid Brushing Wet Hair

When your hair is wet, it is at its weakest state because the hair root remains soft and hair is more prone to get tangled. So it is best to avoid brushing when it is wet, chances of hair loss increases.

Takeaway: Hair loss is pretty much common these days due to an increase of stress and a rise of chemical usage over hair, but by following these simple tips get back your natural hair ( Cure for Hair Loss)

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