Sleep Hypnosis

Sleep Hypnosis


The Sleep Hypnosis technique is done to calm an overacting mind. Sleep Hypnosis is another form of self-hypnosis. The main goal of Hypnosis is to make you relaxed and drive the mind to a state of higher consciousness or focused psychological state. During a trance state, Hypnosis can cause temporary amnesia, but it cannot erase memories permanently.


The main advantage of Sleep Hypnosis is that it can be performed without the aid of any specialist.

Hypnosis is a voluntary process. This means you can only be hypnotized if you allow yourself. 

Sleep Hypnosis technique is performed by those people mainly who are suffering from stress leading to insomnia. There are other benefits of Sleep Hypnosis.


Benefits of Sleep Hypnosis


  • Fall asleep quickly and easily
  • relax to obtain good sleep
  • Guiding your thoughts
  • Clear your mind
  • End the anxieties that prevent your sleep.
  • For those insomniac people who wake up in the middle of the night
  • Calming An overacting mind




Sleep Hypnosis gives you the ability to gain control of your sleep habits and to reprogram your mind to let go of your stress and tension at bedtime. The continuous chattering of negative thoughts generated from unwanted tension and stress disrupts a good night sleep. Other than that, Deep Sleep Hypnosis also helps in many other ways, such as:


Deep Sleep Hypnosis



  • Sleep without the use of sleep aids
  • Cope with symptoms of restless leg syndrome
  • Help you to nullify the negative thoughts generated from bad dreams and nightmares
  • End the anxieties that prevent your sleep
  • Self-hypnosis for speedy, restful sleep
  • Reduces Depression

Sleep Hypnosis is performed just before you go to sleep at night. It is all about putting a suggestion in your mind and causing your body attention to that suggestion. 


The suggestions can be in any form, audio or some cases, video. Most audios include soft voices addressing you to do a certain imaginary task like, to take a deep breath or to imagine something, accompanied by some slow, calm music. In the case of videos, binaural Hypno spiral along with some soft music helps you to get into that trance state.


There are a lot of mp3 and videos available online for Sleep Hypnosis.

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