Stop Worrying


Stop Worrying 

Stop Worrying!! For your entire life, you will be facing problems and difficulties. They are there either for you to solve or learn from the mistakes you make. You cannot win every problem. The problem will not arise according to your competence. Your work is to find a solution
Device a plan to at least assuage the intensity. Not every aspect of the problem will receive the best treatment, but you can surely take care of the important ones. Stress more on completion than on perfection. Get your job done. Do not ruminate over the applicability of this solution to similar future events. In most cases, it won’t. You cannot predict the future. So worrying over it is futile. Stop Worrying. 

Do not long for a time where you will be free of problems. There is never such time. As long as you live it will keep on coming like waves. Sometimes it feels tiring, frustrating facing a new one amidst of dealing with a couple. But remember the way you tackle them, the way you learn to organize and manage your predicament makes a man out of you. A calm sea never begets a great sailor.

There is no point in overthinking

For every situation, there is a myriad of factors that affect your outcome. Some of them are under your control and the others are not. You can only cater to those problems that you can manage. Rather than being stuck with absolute success focus on the ratio. The success to failure ratio.
Stop Worrying

There is no point in being anxious

Stop Worrying

It is wise to assess the situation and note possible outcomes beforehand. But most of the time it ultimately ends in paralysis in decision making. Expecting a perfect outcome is naivete. You should regiment yourself to be disciplined to live the present. The future is unpredictable and chaotic. Every moment you will be thrown into a state of consternation where equanimity is the way out. Remember to accept and love your fate. Amor Fati. It is just a new challenge for you to overcome or get wise dealing with it. Whenever you are thrown into chaos and the unknown, whenever you find yourself in the position you have dreaded, thank the Lord for giving you this opportunity to experience and learn from it. Thank him for choosing you amongst the others for this education. Is it tough, is it fearsome? You bet it is. But at the same time, it is the best hands-on experience you will ever get. Your work is to use your brain. Find out the solution. Remain serene and composed. It is in this situation you can make the best decisions. Remember your values, weigh the factors, observe and simplify the situation and execute. Now, wait and observe. Scrutinize the effects you made. Tune it if possible. Now accept the outcome. If you fail you now know what not to do.

There is no point in regretting it


Stop WorryingWhat is done is done. The thought of “wish I could”, “only if I could” will do nothing but force you into a downward spiral of gloom and dismay. The thought of failure and fear will impede the confidence for future decisions. You have to bear in your mind that failure is a natural process. It is only hubris that tells you that you cannot make mistakes. Your ego projects a shameful image of yourself which you avoid. You cringe being recognized as a loser. You cower being the laughing stock. Only if you did the right thing, you would not have faced trouble now. But it is imperative to realize that you are human and making a mistake is a natural process. Even it had made you look like an imbecile, there are ample lessons you amassed from it. You missed the target but you may not miss it again.

Yes, you did something horrific. You failed miserably. You failed in the process which you had flagrantly boasted about. Killed by your own gun, how shameful, you ponder. But at least you did something rather than wasting yourself in complacency. No one can deny the experience you have gathered. Stupidity is not making mistakes but being inattentive to the lessons that remain unobtrusively strewn in your path.

SO…… Stop Worrying.

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