Causes of Soil Pollution

Causes of Soil Pollution

Soil Pollution is defined as the decrease in soil fertility because of some foreign elements’ addition. Soil is an essential component of the earth’s crust. Soil gets polluted like air and water, but it remains restricted to the fields affected, unlike the air and water pollution. Causes of Soil Pollution of soil pollution are given below.
The foreign substances that adversely affect soil productivity are known as soil pollutants. These pollutants Causes of Soil Pollution.

Sources of Soil Pollution 

  • Industrial Waste

    Industrial complexes discard millions of tons of solid wastes every year. The major sources of industrial pollutants are from pulp and paper mills, oil refineries, smelters, various chemical, power, and heating plants. Almost all the industrial furnaces generate ‘fly ash’ which is added to the soil. Surface mining and strip mining removes topsoil and even sub- soil. Some times uncontrolled mine fires permanently destroy the productivity of the specific area.

  • Fertilizers

     Modern agriculture demands the use of a variety of chemicals in pursuit of high productivity. The fertilizers are used to increase the yield of crops. Other much-used chemicals include herbicides, fungicides, and pesticides.

  • Domestic Solid Waste Pollution

     The solid waste from house-hold garbage with old scraps, old newspapers, discarded papers, wooden furniture, lawn trimming, glass cans, old or broken appliances, tyres, plastic, etc. destroy the natural beauty of the landscape.

  • Indirect Result of Air Pollution

     The acid rains are the result of air pollution, which in turn causes soil pollution. Acid rains, pesticides, and other biocides are serious as they kill the essential soil micro-organisms and include toxicity in the soil for plant growth.


Sources of Soil Pollution


Prevention of Soil Pollution

Prevention of Soil Pollution mainly Involves
  • Judicious use of fertilizers, insecticides, pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, etc.
  • An efficient system of disposal of domestic wastes.
  • Recovery and Recycling of wastes. 
  • Restoring forests and grassland covers that check soil erosion, flood, and waterlogging.
  • Crop-Rotation mixed cropping also helps in improving the fertility of the soil.
Prevention of Soil Pollution
The Causes of Soil Pollution are mainly humanmade. All the solid wastes should be pretreated and recycled, and only minimum quantities of such wastes should’ve discharged.

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