Autohypnosis also called Self-hypnosisAutohypnosiscan be performed without any aid of the hypnotist. Autohypnosis technique is done to increase mind power.
In our daily life, worries and anxieties weaken our mental strength; as a result, make us more susceptible to suffer from the various mental states like despair and depression, which later manifests as sadness, hopelessness.
To alleviate this, we could take the help of Autohypnosis. Not only it is easy even takes less time and is very useful.

Self-Hypnosis Technique

The procedure of Self-Hypnosis is as follows:
  • In every night Self-Hypnosis should be exercised.
  • Before going to sleep at night, the bed should be clean and tidy; otherwise, self-hypnosis won’t work.
  • Lie down in the bed in the state of peace.
  • You can play any audio of the rain or ocean from your mobile or any speaker at low volume; no need for headphones or earphones.
  •  Then deeply inhale through the nostril and exhale it out slowly. On your first inhalation, you can also roll your eyes to the back of your head when you shut them; this stimulates your bottom of the brain to go into a trance state. Doing this proves more effective than normal closing your eyes.
  • Do this at least for ten times.
  • Now think in your mind about the people who helped you at difficult times and express your gratitude towards them. Feel yourself glad.
  • Now think about those people who misbehaved with you. Imagine you retaliate them back with your good behaviour. In imagination, you make them understand that you are good enough despite their bad behaviour.
  •  After that, you hover out by thinking within your mind and try to feel a circle of light becomes lighted around you. This ray of light strengthens yourself, and you become stronger. You pledge that you do your duties timely.
  • At last step, again breathe in and breathe out slowly.
The whole procedure of Autohypnosis is complete. It takes only five minutes, but the benefits of this exercise are excellent. 
Every night do this Autohypnosis exercise to strengthen your mind power and to increase positivity.

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