Hypnotism is an art, with the help of which the mental state of a human being is so changed that he starts working according to the direction of the hypnotist. The art of Hypnotism is not new; man has been using hypnotic power since ancient times. Previously, this was used to demonstrate some mysterious power, magic, and miracles. To be able to Hypnotise, the priests exercised their stronghold on the common masses with fear and awe.
Today, however, Hypnotism is being studied in a scientific manner. Franz A. Mesmer, a doctor from Vienna, is known to be the pioneer in this field. This was started by Franz A. Mesmer, a doctor from Vienna. Hypnotism was known as ‘mesmerism’ for a long time after the name of Mesmer. In 1840, a surgeon from Scotland, James Braid, first coined the word ‘Hypnotism’. The word Hypnotism was originated from the Greek word ‘Hypnos’ meaning ‘State of Sleep’.‘Hypnotism’ originates from Greek ‘Hypnos’, that means ‘State of Sleep’.

When a person been hypnotised he appears to be drowsing. His brain being under total influence of the hypnotist that he performs any work directed by him.His brain is so much influenced that he does any work according to the directions of the hypnotist. Hypnotic power is used in general it is used to those persons only who are fully willing and ready to co-operate. Nobody can be hypnotised against their wishes.

Hypnotism cannot be performed in a bright room, so the person to be hypnotised is asked to sit in a dark room. The hypnotherapist, at that point, consistently tells his subject in an exceptionally quiet voice to relax and sit comfortably. Thereafter when the subject starts feeling drowsy, he is asked to concentrate his attention and focus his eyes only on one object. When he gazes at the object for a long time, he starts feeling dizzy; his eyes start getting tired. When this happens, he is asked to close his eyes. Now the subject almost drifts off to sleep. The hypnotist, at that moment, in a very calm voice, starts giving his advice and directions to the subject. He is now Hypnotised and does all that the hypnotist asks him to do.


Hypnotism can make a person feel paralyzed as if he is blind, deaf, or dumb and can also make him shiver. Hypnotism can affect a person’s mental state to such an extent in which, a man can do things which he will never do in his normal stateHypnotism can affect a person’s mental state to such an extent that a man can do things which he will never do in his normal state. When he regains his normal state, he forgets all that he did in a hypnotised state.
Hypnotism is being used very much these days in the treatment of patients suffering from various diseases. Dr.S.Del of England used to extract the teeth of his patients without putting them under anesthesia. Using this, he even operated upon the lungs of many people. Hypnotism can also be used in removing mental anxieties. Gone are those days where to Hypnotise someone instills fear in mind; rather it opened a new road to treatment and wellness.

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