Iron Deficiency

In our busy lives, we sometimes do not give importance to our health even neglect symptoms like fatigue. Such negligence occurs by thinking that it was caused due to extreme work pressure. But such symptoms of fatigue can be an outcome of some other serious condition. Such symptoms generally arise due to an Iron Deficiency in the body.

Iron Deficiency is most common in women but men can get it also. Iron Deficiency in the body can lead to many disorders, but the good news is that this deficiency can be fulfilled by our diet. Choosing the right and nutritious diet can balance the daily requirement of iron for our body.

Symptoms of Iron Deficiency

There are many other symptoms other than physical fatigue. Even after waking up in the morning, one can feel fatigued due to Iron Deficiency, even lack of oxygen in the cells can cause fatigue. Other symptoms such as face and eyes can turn pale due to a lack of iron in the body. Even symptoms like frequent headaches, lack of concentration, roughness in the skin, lip, and tongue swelling can occur due to Iron Deficiency in the body. If such symptoms are experienced by any individual they should immediately seek medical attention. The doctor may suggest, a hemoglobin test to find out the levels of hemoglobin in the blood

Iron-Rich Foods

To meet the daily iron requirement or to increase iron in the body one should consume foods that are rich in iron. Iron present in the food is of two types Heme Iron and Non-heme Iron.

  • Heme iron

    Heme iron is found in fish, meat, egg. This form of iron can easily be absorbed by our body almost 80% of iron from these food sources gets absorbed by our body.

  • Non-heme Iron

    Non-heme iron is found in plant-based foods like fruits, vegetables, and seeds. But the iron from the plant-based source is not as highly absorbable as the animal-based iron source.

So before eating iron-rich foods, we need to keep in mind, the type of food where iron gets readily absorbed by our body. To enhance the absorption of non-heme iron vitamin C and Vitamin A rich foods can also be added, vitamin C helps the body to absorb more iron from the plant-based iron source. When eating non-heme iron foods like spinach, broccoli, pulses, beans you can add some lemon juice to enhance the absorbing power of iron.

Iron-Rich Foods

Iron Supplements 

When someone is unable to absorb iron from foods or has irregular eating habits not eating iron-rich foods can make them iron deficient, for those people supplements can be the best alternative apart from eating iron-rich foods. But before taking any supplement first consult with a doctor because iron supplements can sometimes cause an allergic reaction, diarrhoea, and sometimes even counter react with other medicines.

Takeaway: The risk of getting Iron Deficiency is quite common in today’s life due to unhealthy eating, like fast food, processed food, which deprives you of the natural iron present in the food, but eating the right foods can easily meet your daily requirements of iron in the body.


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