Fire Therapy is practiced in china, it is a part of Chinese medicine where an individual is treated by balancing his or her natural elements.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is based on the Theory of the 5 Elements of nature. FIRE, EARTH, METAL, WATER, and WOOD. This theory signifies the connection between the various Five elements in nature and also representing the life force or “qi” that flows through those elements.
Each individual is a part of these elements and each element needs to be in balance to stay healthy.

5 Elements 

In this conceptual system, the five-elements are constantly changing and moving, each becoming dominant at different times in the natural cycle and influencing the wellbeing of a person. These five elements comprehend physiology and pathology. Each element has its own abilities and is associated with different body organs, senses, emotions, color, flavor, and weather.




  • Body: It is related to “Liver”, “Eye”, “Gallbladder”, “Tendons”
  • Color: It signifies the color “Green”
  • Emotion: It represents the emotion “Anger”
  • Flavor: It describes the taste “Sour”
  • Weather: It refers to “Wind”


  • Body: It is related to “Heart”, “Tongue”, “Pulse”
  • Color: It signifies the color “Red”
  • Emotion: It represents the emotion “Joy”
  • Flavor: It describes the taste “Bitter”
  • Weather: It refers to ” Heat”


  • Body: It is associated with “Muscles,” “Mouth,” “Stomach,” “Spleen”
  • Color: It signifies the color “Yellow”
  • Emotion: It represents the emotion “Pensive”
  • Flavor: It describes the taste “Sweet”
  • Weather: It refers to “Damp”


  • Body: It is related to “Lungs”, “Skin”, “Nose”
  • Color: It signifies the color “White”
  • Emotion: It represents the emotion “Sadness”
  • Flavor: It describes the taste “Pungent”
  • Weather: It refers to “Dry”


  • Body: It is related to “Bones”, “Kidney”, “Ears”
  • Color: It signifies the color “Black”
  • Emotion: It represents the emotion “Fear”
  • Flavor: It describes the taste “Salty”
  • Weather:  It refers to “Cold”


Each element both control and promotes each other
  • Earth promotes metal
  • Wood promotes fire
  • Fire promotes earth
  • Metal promotes water
  • Water promotes wood
  • Earth controls water
  • Wood controls earth
  • Water controls fire
  • Fire controls metal
  • Metal controls wood

When these five elements become imbalanced health condition arises.

Here we are only going to discuss the Fire element and its therapeutic abilities. But before discussing the Fire element, first, we need to understand the concept of Yin and yang.

Yin and yang

The concept of Yin & Yang is a part of an Ancient Chinese philosophy that comes from Taoism. This philosophy emphasizes reality’s dual nature. The whole Yin & Yang is represented in a circle divided into two parts: the ‘Yin’ is the dark swirl, which means Bad, and the ‘yang is the white swirl representing Good. Each opposite side has a dot of the opposite colour, which signifies everything contains the seed of its opposite. Though both are two opposing forces, but they are relative to each other. And our goal is to make a balance and retain the middle region.

Fire means heat, it gives us warmth and it also signifies life and maturity. It is also associated with emotions like happiness and joy. Fire is also linked with YANG, movement, or intensity. YANG can affect other parts of the body if not checked it will consume the YIN part of our organ.
Fire may also be related to fever and developing a dislike to other elements such as wind or cold. Extreme fire can lead to hyperactivity, headaches, dry mucous, thirst, and insomnia.
The Fire has an ascending property that can reach the upper region of our body which can cause ulcers in our mouth throat, gum infection, etc.


Fire Therapy is a Traditional Chinese Medicine treatment method that started in China and has been practiced for hundreds of years. It is a common alternative therapy in china. This therapy is not only seen in China but also in other counties such as New Zealand.

During fire therapy first, the problematic area is located then an herbal paste is first applied to a patient’s problem area then a towel is soaked into alcohol and set on fire. The heat generated combined with some special herbs oil stimulates the acupunctural points and improving the condition through the meridians. It activates the function of the organs, improves the blood circulation, thereby dispelling pathogenic body wind, dampness, cold and poison and adjusts the body YIN and YANG “qi”

Fire Therapy can treat many diseases and special conditions such as cervical spondylopathy, stomachaches, arthritis, frozen shoulder, gynecology, andrology, tumors, weight loss.

Some Fire therapists even claim to cure some chronic illnesses such as Chrons Disease, Diabetes, and even certain Cancers. Some patients who have gone through this therapy believe that fire therapy has fewer side effects than the modern medical treatment provided by the Hospitals.

Despite numerous health benefits claimed by the fire therapists, fire therapy has not received any certification from medical journals. There is no orthodox evidence that it is effective.

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