A Disease in which the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, where old cells do not die, and rather than starts multiplying abnormally growing out of control forming an abnormal cluster of cells. The abnormal accumulation of those extra unwanted cells forms a mass called a tumor.
The second leading cause of death after heart disease in the world is due to cancer as in reports published by “Centers for Disease Control Prevention”.


Types of Cancer Treatment 

Treating cancer is very difficult, although there are many types of treatment available, these treatments totally depend on the type and stage of cancer. Some people may respond to one treatment but most people can go through a combination of treatments.

Cancer Treatment

  • Chemotherapy

    This treatment utilizes certain medications that execute cancer cells.

  • Radiation Therapy

    This therapy uses beams of ionizing radiation to kill cancer cells and shrink tumors. It is generally used as a combined treatment. 

  • ImmunoTherapy

     This treatment helps your immune system to fight cancer cells.

  • Targeted Therapy

    Targeted Therapy is a type of treatment that uses drugs targeting the specific cancer tissues, that are responsible for them to grow, divide, and spread. 

  • Hormone Therapy

    In this therapy, a certain drug is being used that slows or blocks the hormones that fuel the growth of breast or prostate cancer.

  • Stem Cell Transplant

    It is also called bone marrow transplant, in this procedure where a cancer patient’s damaged cells (which are destroyed by a very high dose of chemotherapy) are replaced by healthy stem cells. 

  • Precision Medicine

    Precision medicine is an approach that helps a doctor to analyze, guiding them to select a treatment that is most likely to help the patient based on the understanding of their disease.

  • Surgery

    Surgery is the procedure in which surgeons remove the cancerous part of your body.   

Types of Cancer Treatment

Although there is no cure for cancer yet, detecting it at a very early stage or in some cases even at the second stage may increase a person’s chance for recovery rate.  

 Three terms are most often used by medical professionals.

  1. A Cure: Eradicating all traces of cancer from the body ensuring it never comes back.
  2. Remission: Eliminating almost all symptoms related to cancer. But there are chances of reoccurrence 
  3. Complete Remission: No noticeable signs or symptoms of cancer are present. Still, it is not considered a Cure because cancer cells can remain in the body, not showing any symptoms.

Many doctors used the term “Cure”, which refers to that cancer that does not come back within five years. Medical professionals often use the term called the 5-year survival rate, for better understanding the different outlooks between different types of cancer.
This reference figure acts as a marker referring to the percentage of people who have managed to survive for five years after the diagnosis of cancer.

But recent advances in technology and medicine are helping to move us closer toward a Cure


Here are the FIVE CURABLE CANCER that is having the highest 5-year relative survival rate, in which their higher percentage of the recovery rate 


Prostate Cancer
Prostate Cancer has a 99%  survival rate in Stage 1 and 2. Prostate Cancer is usually developed at an older age because the developing cancerous cells either grow very slowly or do not grow at all. Due to their slow progression, they ant harmful to need any treatment. Many people with this type of cancer can live for many years without any treatment.

For stage 0 and 1 Breast Cancer is 99% to 100%, Breast Cancer caught early is easier to treat, the stages describe the size and location of the tumor. Abnormalities and discomfort in the breast are felt at Stage 0, it might not be termed as cancerous but it is an early indicating sign of developing cancer.
Breast Cancer

At stage 1 and 2 survival rate is 98% to 100%.
The thyroid is often called the butterfly-shaped gland because its shape resembles a butterfly. It is found in our neck which is responsible for the production of hormones for our body.

Papillary, is the most common form of Thyroid Cancer that develops in the thyroid region, the progression of this cancer is very slow. Doctors often can treat or cure using surgery. After surgery people take hormonal medicine to replace the hormones that are produced by the thyroid hormones.

Thyroid Cancer

Survival rate  92 % to 97%  at stage 1A and 1B respectively.
Melanoma is a cancer of the skin. It is easily detected at an early stage because it is easily visible which increases a person’s chance for survival.

The survival rate of testicular cancer is 97% to 99%.
If detected at an early stage, doctors can cure cancer with the help of surgery by removing one or more testicles that have developed a tumor.

Going through these Curable Cancers raises hope for all those people suffering from these cancers.

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