Causes of Blindness

Causes of Blindness

You will be surprised to know that 14 million people in the world are blind. There are many kinds of blindness, and the Causes of Blindness are different. Some people are totally blind, while others are partially blind. Some people are blind by birth, while some others lose their sight gradually over the years. The number of those who are born blind is not large in comparison to those who become blind later. The majority of blind people are those who have become blind after birth.

Causes of Blindness

All the causes of Congenital Blindness are not known. But one thing is certain: the fetus becomes blind in the bomb itself because of some disease from which the mother is suffering. For example, gonorrhea, a serious venereal disease, can cause blindness of the fetus if the mother is suffering from it. If the pregnant woman is a syphilis patient, the fetus’s eyes in the womb fail to develop properly. The disease of the retina, the optic nerves, and the brain’s visual centres also cause Congenital Blindness.


Congenital Blindness

There are three main Causes of Blindness developing after birth-trachoma, cataract, and glaucoma.


Trachoma is a dangerous disease of the eyes caused by a kind of virus. The patient develops hard pustules on the inner surface of the eyelids. This considerably damages the patient’s vision. It is treated using antibiotics.


The cataract reduces the transparency of the eye lens, thus reducing the amount of light entering through the retina lens. A man suffering from this disease slowly loses eyesight and finally becomes blind. This disease can be cured by surgery.


When suffering from glaucoma, the eyeball becomes hard, and pressure on optic nerves increases. This disease also reduces eyesight.




There are some other diseases which also weaken the sights. They include tuberculosis, diabetes, Diptheria, meningitis, etc. One can lose sight during an accident also. It is essential to keep the eyes clean for maintaining proper eyesight. Occasionally we should consult an eye specialist to know the real Causes of Blindness.


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