Neck Pain Relief Exercises

Neck Pain is a common disorder and can happen to anyone. Nowadays, almost everyone is working all day continuously on the computer or mobile in a fixed tilted neck position. As a result, Neck Pain, spasm, and sometimes it can also lead to spondylitis. That’s why there is a requirement for neck exercise for individuals who spend half of their time on computers or mobile. Here are some Neck Pain Relief Exercises

Neck Tilt

In this Neck Pain ReliefExercise, try to bend your neck downwards so that your chin touches your chest. Stay at this position almost for five seconds or count from one to five, then after five seconds, come back to the earlier position. Do this exercise ten times. Likewise, do this exercise in another way, now tilt the neck sidewards toward the shoulders and keep it at fix position for five seconds; continue this with the alternate shoulder.

Neck Turn

Keeping the head forward, then slowly turning the head backward, then from backward to again forward. Do this left side and right side, five times. Doing this every alternate hour will ease the neck joint stiffness.

Neck Stretch

To do this exercise, keep your body straight, try to stretch your neck upwards, not leaning your head too much towards the backside. Do this exercise ten times.

Resistance Exercise

Stand straight with your left palm placed on the left side of your head. Slowly add pressure with your left hand on the left side of your head. Resist this pressure and try to keep your head straight. Repeat this process five times on each side of your head.
These Neck Pain Relief Exercises should be done every day if you work long hours on a computer or mobile. Even while sitting and standing, you need to check your posture and always keep your backbone and head straight and avoid leaning. Always take a short periodical break during a long hour of work; during that break, you can stretch your arms and shoulders; you can even do these exercises within that short interval.
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