Have you ever wondered why, during a bad day or dealing with someone or something which brought you down, makes you feel bad, the things what we choose what to wear and also the colors that we choose to wear is the reflection of how we are currently feeling at the moment, ever wondered why the blue sky, green grass, pink sunset these scenes always make us somehow feel good? All these changes in emotions are related to colors. The colors around us can really affect and change our moods. This is where Color Therapy comes into play.

The human eye can see 7,000,000 colors in which some irritants, some are stimulant some provoke neurological responses. Colors are all around us, we don’t just see the color we feel it. The colors we see are a part of the visible spectrum, only the part is visible which gets reflected back by a certain object. When all these primary colors combine, white light is produced. Each color has its own wavelength of electromagnetic energy, each color also plays a certain role in setting up a particular mood or state of mind of an individual. New research shows us color may bring relief to millions suffering from pain.

What is Color Therapy

Color therapy also is known as Chromo Therapy or Color healing. Color therapy has been around through ages, since the time of Ancient Egypt. Egyptians also knew the power of light and applied different colors to promote healing.

In Indian philosophy different color represents different chakras which are considered the centers of Spiritual powers and energies within our bodies.

Seven Chakras

Root Chakra

Represents the color Red, which is located at the base of the spine. This chakra connects us with the Earth.

Sacral Chakra

Represents the color Orange, located 3 inches below the navel. This chakra is associated with reproduction, kidneys, adrenal, and pleasure. It is also known as a mind-body chakra.

Solar Plexus Chakra

Also called Manipura Chakra Represents the color Yellow, located between navel and sternum.  This chakra is associated with our digestive system, pancreas, liver, gallbladder. It also deals with positivity and well being.

Heart Chakra

Represents the color Green, located in our upper chest region. This chakra is associated with the heart, lungs, nervous system, and immune system. It also deals with mental focus, compassion, and empowerment.

Throat Chakra

Represents the color Blue, located at the neck region. This chakra is associated with the thyroid and metabolism. It also deals with inner peace.

Third Eye Chakra

Represents the color Indigo, located between the eyebrow. This chakra is associated with the pituitary gland and the Pineal gland which controls our sleep cycle. It also associated with wisdom and self-esteem.

Crown Chakra

Represents the color Violet, located at the top of the head. This chakra is associated with light sensitivity, the pineal gland dreams. This is the main chakra associated with spirituality.



How Colors Affect Us

Color therapy is used as an alternative therapy. That uses color and its frequency to treat alignments and to heal physical and emotional problems. Its main goal is to correct the physiological and psychological imbalance.

  • It influences our mood and emotions.
  • It influences all our senses.
  • It is easily recognized by our subconsciousness which highly impacts our thought.
  • It also influences our sexual abilities and sexual attractions.


Color therapy techniques

In color therapy, light either goes through your eye or via color therapy equipment,

Through Eyes: Constantly focusing on a particular color for a few minutes. When selecting a color we need to be careful because some colors may cause you too much agitation and excitement, colors such as Red and Orange. Whereas green is considered as the safest color.

Color Therapy Equipment: Color therapists use various equipment, these types of equipment generally uses to project the color lights on a screen, special type of bulb is used during this process.


Primary Colors

The following lists describe the main colors generally used in color therapy for our wellbeing;


Green is considered as safest and most balancing of all colors. Green color can improve your mood when you feel down, depressed, and sad. Green is known to reduce anxiety, enhances the emotions of joy, love, and prosperity.


Blue is a cold color that helps us to keep relax and calm. Blue is associated with loyalty, wisdom, and spirituality. Too much blue or dark blue can lead to sadness and depression. Blue is often used in the therapeutic purpose of meditation and relaxation.


This color enhances your intelligence and wisdom. This color is the most intense in the spectrum, this color can make you feel happy, but too much yellow is associated with betrayal and cruelty. 


This color helps to develop a strong connection with our mind and body. It stimulates our different organs in the body for physical healing. Orange also signifies pleasure and well being.


Red is more stimulating than orange. It is mostly it is used for physical healing because it could have extreme emotional effects.


This color is associated with beauty and spirituality. This color calms your mind and soul.


Color Therapy, still not yet accepted by western medicine. Some researches are in progress. So far, studies have not revealed any relevant evidence, how Color therapy affects our body and mind.

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