Erotic Mind Control

Erotic Mind Control

Humans are becoming more attracted to materialistic life. Due to the advancement of human civilization, humans behaviour are becoming more of a mechanical, having lesser emotions and feelings. There is a tendency of humans to get everything within a short period. If they fail to achieve that thing, they become emotionally stressed up, which leads to depression, frustration, and negative thoughts. That frustrated, negative mind looks for an alternative to find joy and pleasure. Now in just a click, they can get that pleasure from watching porn or other seductive videos. 


Watching porn and other such videos make your mind and body excited because it triggers the sex hormones; as a result causing sexual feelings, as well as sexual desire, sensuality, and romantic love. When that frustrated mind finds out this shortcut, it will always find out time to access that pleasure; as a result, making it into a habit. This habit affects your character and nature.


Sex is not just any activity, in this activity, not only two bodies come into play, but it is an interaction of two minds and soul, and where the outcome of that activity creates a possibility to create a new life and to continue the human race. But when such activity and desire becomes a habit, it destroys a human’s real character and nature.


By observing nature, we can get many answers from it. In the animal kingdom, every animal at a particular season of the year starts mating to continue their kind. They don’t perform this activity every time, nor they do it only for pleasure. We human forgets that we are a part of this nature. We get indulged to such activity in which they lose respect towards their partner. Especially for men, they start to identify women as a sex object other than treating them as a normal human being.


When the mind is occupied by such erotic thoughts, that individual gets shifted from his duties and responsibilities make you distress or negatively affect your health, job and relationship.

Such condition in medical term is known as “Compulsive Sexual Behaviour.” even sometimes called Hypersexuality, Hypersexuality disorder or sexual addiction. This is very common, and almost everyone once in their lifetime goes through this condition even for a temporary period. To overcome this behavioural, psychological problem first, you need to get control over yourself to achieve Erotic Mind Control.




There are many ways to prevent and control this Erotic Mind.


 Ways to control Erotic Mind


Erotic Mind Control can be achieved by following a few steps 


  • Accept: To get control over your erotic mind, firstly you need to accept that you are suffering , you are unable to control your mind, lack of self-control. 


  • Identifying Symptoms: You need to identify symptoms. When these sexual fantasies, urges are at peak at which time of the day.


  • Engage your Mind: Keep your mind busy with some creative work. Engage your mind by doing targetable jobs or any activity. You can join any courses to learn new things, languages which will keep your mind busy all day.


  • Meditation: It is a proven fact that meditation increases concentration and self-control. Meditation is a technique to control and calm your mind.


  • Seek Help: If you are still unable to manage this condition, you can seek help from a psychologist or psychiatrist.

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