What is regeneration

Would it not be wonderful like in movies like “Spiderman” “Hulk” where the superheroes and supervillains heal quickly or regenerate any body part after losing it, grow another one in its place? But, in reality, it does not happen in the case of human beings. However, you will be surprised to know that some living organisms can regrow their body parts even after losing it. The development of a new body part in the place of a lost part is known as Regeneration.
Some creatures have the unique ability to generate their body parts. If you cut the tentacle of ‘Starfish,’ it grows back within some days; it is possible only by  Regeneration. Even ‘Hydra’ poses this extraordinary capability of Regeneration.

Regeneration in humans

The ability of Regeneration is different in different creatures. A living organism with complicated and convoluted structures has a lesser ability to Regeneration. Man and other mammals have a complex constitution. That’s why they have the more secondary ability of Regeneration, because of the lesser power of Regeneration, once our legs or hands get cut, they are not regenerated. Through our body also, some form of Regeneration takes place. For example, skin in any part of the body is burnt or cut; new skin comes up there. The regrowing of wings of birds is another example of Regeneration.

In some species, the damaged tissues or wounds get replaced by new tissues. Sometimes, the tissues that an organism regenerates are different from the original tissues. The Regeneration structure may be smaller than the original.

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