Cure Depression” is one of the trending topics searched on the net. Curing Depression is difficult because depression cannot be felt from the outside, but if not treated it can destroy a person from the inside. With the advances of the modern world, life has become easier and comfortable than ever before. But along with its bright side, the new lifestyle begets some social and personal problems. Depression is one of them. Although depression has affected a huge mass of society, it is easily curable. Some methods are provided below to Cure Depression.

What is Depression?

Depression is a common and serious medical condition, that can affect our mood, feelings, and emotion negatively. Depression is also termed as a mood disorder that can impact a person’s daily life. Most people often feel sad and depressed at times extreme depression, including feeling alone, powerless, useless, and sometimes suicidal thoughts that sometimes last for several days to a week.
Core symptoms of Depression are said to be anhedonia, which refers to a loss of pleasure in a certain activity that usually makes people happy. Depressed mood is a symptom of some mood disorder or dysthymia, involuntary responses to life events like the loss of loved ones.
In a study, it has been found an average rate for Depression for the generation of people who are currently over the age of 60 is 10%, the generation of people who are currently 45 has a rate double that of 60years old generation the rate of Depression is 20%, the generation that is currently around the age of 25 is 25%. It is assumed at this rate the generation around the age of 25, it’s estimated that 1 in 2 people will have experienced depression by the age of 60.and its very apparent that this issue is caused by a massive change in society today because the generation of people who are currently 60yrs old lived a very different life from this generation. They had no access to the internet, no smartphones, no instant social media.


Causes of Depression

  • Medical Treatment

    Depression may also be the result of healthcare, such as medical-induced depression. Therapies related to depression such as interferon therapy, contraception, heart agents, antipsychotics, hormonal agents, etc.

  • Life Events

    Adversity in childhood, such as neglect,  child abuse, physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse.

  • Personality

    Change in personality due to change in the social environment can cause a temporary but rapid change of mood, loss of interest in activities, disturbance of sleep, change of appetite, concentration difficulty.

  • Substance-Induced

    Alcohol can be a depressant that can lead to depression in the long term, even taking other drugs and the withdrawal symptoms can cause depression, the same goes for smoking.

  • Non -Psychiatric Illness

    Depressed mood can be a result of several diseases such as Addison disease, Parkinson’s disease, Irritable bowel syndrome, chronic pain, cancer, nutritional deficiency.

How to know that you have Depression?

According to DMS-5(Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder), a manual doctor uses to diagnose mental disorders, you have depression when you have five are more of these symptoms that last for at least two weeks.
  • A depressed mood most of the day, especially during the morning.
  • Feel guilty or worthless most of the day.
  • Lack of energy almost every day 
  • Weight loss
  • You think often about death or Suicide 
  • Hard time focusing, making discussion, remembering
  • Can’t Sleep or sleep too much
  • Feel restless or slowed down
  • Have no interest or pleasure in most of the activities during the day
  • Anxious, empty feeling 
  • Feel irritable 
  • Stop feeling hungry
  • Have aches, pain, headaches, cramps


Effects of Depression in our Body

Depression is technically a psychological disorder, but it also affects your physical health and well-being.

Digestive System

Depression plays a major role in appetite and nutrition absorption. Loss in appetite  Stop feeling hungry can lead to nutrition deficiency, and some people cope with overeating which can lead to weight gain or obesity-related illness such as Type 2 Diabetes,

Eating problems can lead to:


  1. Constipation
  2. Cramps
  3. stomachaches 
  4. Malnutrition

Cardio Vascular and Immune system

Depression leads to Stress. Stress hormones speed heart rate and make blood vessels tighten, putting our body in a prolonged state of emergency, over time it leads to heart disease.

Depression and stress harm our immune system making it more vulnerable to infection and diseases. It also causes inflammation which is linked to many illnesses


A new study found people living with a major depressive disorder to be biologically older than those without depression. The impact of premature ageing was more important in people with negative experiences of childhood such as crime, trauma, neglect, or abuse.



Physical Activity

Exercise can do more than just to keep you in good health, it can also make your body to release endorphins .these chemical helps us to stay positive and ease depression. Set a goal to exercise for 20 to 30 minutes at least three days a week.

Physical Activity


Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids, in particular, are known for increasing serotonin levels in our bodies. Eventually, reducing the symptoms of depression. Omega 3 fatty acids are present in cod liver oil, walnut oil, linseed oil.


Sunlight helps our body to produce Vitamin D.Vitamin D comes from the skin when exposed to sunlight. Studies have shown lack of Vitamin D can lead to depression and other health-related issues.



Healthy Sleep

Researchers found that noncontinuous sleep was one of the most potent triggers of depression. They found that people who had interrupted sleep or someone who sleeps at extremely abnormal times, which were different every day, were more prone to depression.



Anti Ruminate Activity

Researchers found that the more we ruminate (which is mostly about the past), the more likely we will be depressed.


Stay involved with your family and friends

When we are dealing with depression we might lose interest in spending with our family and friend. However isolating oneself can make depression worse, we will be alone with our negative thoughts and may start to feel more hopeless and sad; make an effort to socialize with our family and friends.




Stress and anxiety are the main causes of depression, meditation can change the reaction to these feelings. Meditation trains the brain to remain focus and calms the mind



Takeaway: Always try to remain happy no matter what, accept the situation you are going through and believe in yourself that you will overcome all problems that life throws at you only by this you will attain mental peace in return you will Cure Depression.

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